Credit Union Group


Amherst Pierpont’s Credit Union Team focuses solely on the unique needs of credit union investors in the fixed income markets. We have extensive knowledge of both the credit union industry and the fixed income markets, allowing us to offer uncommon expertise to our clients. Our purpose is to make appropriate recommendations that structure the credit union’s investment portfolio in accordance with board-directed policy, and to augment those recommendations with exceptional service.

We provide the utmost level of support, education and training, concise month-end accounting reports and quality service. It is our goal to be key partners in success with our credit union clients. We believe that open and candid communication is essential in this process. The working relationships we have established with our credit union partners are based on trust that has stood the test of time and cycles of economic volatility.

In today’s environment, the value of such long-lasting commitments to reliable and trustworthy service cannot be understated.

At Amherst Pierpont we realize that meeting and exceeding the expectations of our credit union clients is a requirement for a mutually beneficial relationship.