Amherst Pierpont provides liquidity in the following U.S. Rates products:

  • U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds (including bidding at all auctions)
  • U.S Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPs )
  • U.S Treasury Floating Rate Notes (FRNs)
  • U.S. Federal Agency Discount Notes, Floating, Bullet and Callable Debt
  • Underwriter for Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Bank System, FannieMae, and Farmer Mac

The U.S. Government and Federal Agency business at Amherst Pierpont is focused on serving the needs of institutional and middle market clients as a principal market maker in U.S. Treasury products and an underwriter and market maker in U.S. Agency debt. We provide secondary market execution across U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, Treasury Inflation Protect Securities (TIPs) and Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) and actively participate in and facilitate customer bidding in U.S. Treasury auctions. Our team of sales and trading market professionals leverage their market experience and our proprietary analytics to provide thoughtful market insight, idea generation, and efficient market execution of client needs across markets

As an underwriter and market maker in U.S. Agency debt, we provide our clients with a product offering spanning discount notes, floaters, non-callable and callable agency debt, in both new issue and secondary markets. We are active in arranging new issues for clients and other broker dealers to meet specific investment objectives. Amherst Pierpont is an accepted dealer member in the selling groups for Freddie Mac, FannieMae, FHLB and Farmer Mac. Our trading desk actively participates in secondary markets, adding and maintaining inventory in bonds that we think would offer value to our clients. We work closely with our Chief Economist, Stephen Stanley, and our International Strategist, Bob Sinche, to incorporate real time views on the economy and global markets activities to refine our market perspectives.