Mortgage and Structured Products

Amherst Pierpont specializes in most facets of the real estate debt capital markets

  • Agency MBS
  • New Issue CMOs
  • Secondary CMOs
  • Derivatives
  • Agency & GNMA Multi Family
  • Hybrid ARMs
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Specified Pools
  • TBA Pass-throughs
  • Non-Agency MBS/ABS
  • Prime
  • Alt-A
  • Subprime
  • Hybrids
  • Derivatives
  • Rental Securitizations
  • Innovative Loan Syndications as bridge to public securitizations
  • Time Share Securitizations
  • Commercial MBS
  • Multi-Path OAS credit analysis
  • Trading expertise in:
    • Conduit/Fusion
    • Single asset Single Borrower
    • Agency Multi Family Credit
  • CMBS Structured Derivatives
  • Origination

Our Structured product division specializes in the residential and commercial real estate related capital markets.

The Amherst Pierpont Structured Product trading, sales and strategy platform consist of 75+ seasoned professionals. This team of professionals allows us to quickly identify opportunities within our markets and efficiently communicate with our clients across a broad spectrum of products.

The core driver of our real estate capital markets division is the extensive use of data-intensive analytics to keep our clients abreast of securitized market opportunities, risks and trends. We have access to powerful proprietary predictive financial models which provide insight into borrower and servicer related behavior across both the commercial and residential real estate asset classes. We are committed to maintaining this information and analytics advantage through continued investment in models, technology and real estate related data. This investment allows our insights into real estate related capital markets to be timely, actionable and value added.

Amherst Pierpont stands alone in the industry for our use of real estate technology to forecast the constantly evolving trends in world’s largest and most complex debt market.