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Investment Grade Credit

The investment grade credit business is focused on providing our clients with liquidity in U.S. investment grade corporate bonds and money markets instruments.

We have trading specialists for key subsectors including:

  • Bank, Finance and Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Metals & Mining
  • Energy & Pipes
  • TMT
  • Industrials

We are committed to partnering with our clients to help them meet their investment objectives.

Our priority is our clients. Our integrated platform of sales, trading and strategy professionals work seamlessly together to provide our clients with value-added insight and trade-ideas to help them make knowledgeable trade decisions. As a market maker we take principal risk and strategically deploy our balance sheet every day. This allows us to provide solutions that facilitate our clients’ investment needs.

We are able to provide liquidity on several electronic platforms including MarketAxess, Bloomberg, Tradeweb Credit and Tradeweb Direct.

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Structured Products

Amherst Pierpont is a recognized market leader in structured products, including mortgage- and asset-backed securities. Our seasoned team of sales and trading professionals has deep market knowledge and experience in the origination and trading of mortgage related products and asset-backed securities.

Leading data, analytics and strategy platform

Our market leading presence is a result of delivering effective solutions to help our clients meet their investment objectives. Our sophisticated market insights and our leading data and analytics platform allow us to deliver unique opportunities and valuable intelligence. We are committed to maintaining our edge through continued investments in our proprietary data and analytics.

Our product capabilities include:

Agency Securities (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae)

  • Mortgage Pass-throughs (TBA and Specified Pools)
  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)
  • Agency Derivatives
  • Agency Multifamily (Agency and Project Loans)
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
  • Reverse Mortgages (HMBS & HECMs)

Non-Agency Securities and Loans (Private Label and GSE Credit)

  • Residential MBS (Legacy, 2.0, NPL/RPL, Credit Risk Transfer)
  • Commercial MBS (Conduit, Single Asset, Multifamily)
  • Single Family Rental
  • ABS (Auto, Consumer, Timeshare)
  • Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)

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Investment Banking

The Investment Banking Group provides a full range of capital markets, advisory, securitization, and liquidity solutions. Clients that partner with us include banks, insurance companies, pension funds, private equity firms, hedge funds, REITs, and asset managers.

Our banking team has experience in:

  • Sourcing, structuring and retaining risk in asset-backed financings across a wide array of asset classes
  • Pioneering financing of esoteric asset classes and providing innovative capital solutions for first time issuers
  • Distressed investing, work-outs, and financing illiquid and credit-impaired assets
  • Levering our proprietary analytics to assist investors in analyzing securities and whole loan pools
  • Assisting investors in understanding complex/legacy assets, offering scenario analysis, valuation and liquidity solutions
  • Arranging liquidity options for legacy assets and financing solutions for newly originated assets
  • Term and warehouse financing

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U.S. Rates

In its U.S. Rates business, Amherst Pierpont is focused on servicing the needs of institutional clients as a principal market maker across both primary and secondary U.S. Treasury and Agency products.

The Primary Dealer designation from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to APS on May 6th, 2019 will allow APS to continue to grow our presence in the U.S. Rates markets and benefit from increased client engagement both domestic and overseas. See Press Release.

Our product offerings include:

  • Treasury Bills
  • Treasury Notes
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
  • Floating Rate Notes
  • Federal Agency Discount Notes
  • Federal Agency Floating, Bullet and Callable Debt
  • Money Market Securities

In addition we are an underwriter for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Banks.

Our experienced sales and trading professionals leverage their market knowledge and our proprietary data and analytics to identify relative value and duration benchmarks; we ensure that our clients receive efficient execution, thoughtful insights and data-driven market intelligence, and value-added solutions. In addition, we strategically use our balance sheet to provide liquidity and maintain inventory in bonds we believe would offer value to our clients.

Highly regarded macroeconomic and strategy effort

Our team works closely with our Chief Economist, Stephen Stanley to engage our clients on a daily basis by providing in-depth proprietary analysis of the U.S. and global economic markets.

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Short Term Fixed Income

Our Short Term Fixed Income business is comprised of our Securities Finance and Money Markets businesses.

Securities Finance:

The Securities Finance business operates in all fixed-income assets traded by the firm and utilizes a variety of financing methods including:

  • Tri-party repo
  • Bi-lateral repo
  • Securities lending

Our relentless focus on client-centric service and our deep understanding of risk, enable us to deliver enhanced yield and leverage strategies to our institutional clients. The Primary Dealer designation from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on May 6th, 2019, will improve the liquidity and funding profile of APS, allow us to participate in the System Open Market Account (SOMA) collateral lending program, and also expand the number of funding counterparties available to the firm.

Our financing business leverages our self-clearing and self-funding platform.

Money Markets:

Our money markets platform provides liquidity in a complement of products:

  • Treasury Bills
  • Treasury Notes
  • Short term GSE debt – discount notes, FRN’s, short – dated bullets and callables
  • Short U.S. investment grade corporate bonds

As a designated Primary Dealer and trading counterparty to Federal Reserve Bank of New York, APS will focus on expanding our presence in the primary and secondary markets and providing added service and liquidity to our clients.

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