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Amherst Pierpont’s Credit Union Team focuses solely on the unique needs of credit union investors in the fixed income markets. We have extensive knowledge of both the credit union industry and the fixed income markets, allowing us to offer uncommon expertise to our clients. Our purpose is to make appropriate recommendations that structure the credit union’s investment portfolio in accordance with board-directed policy, and to augment those recommendations with exceptional service.

We provide the utmost level of support, education and training, concise month-end accounting reports and quality service. It is our goal to be key partners in success with our credit union clients. We believe that open and candid communication is essential in this process. The working relationships we have established with our credit union partners are based on trust that has stood the test of time and cycles of economic volatility.

In today’s environment, the value of such long-lasting commitments to reliable and trustworthy service cannot be understated.

At Amherst Pierpont we realize that meeting and exceeding the expectations of our credit union clients is a requirement for a mutually beneficial relationship.


The Amherst Pierpont Credit Union Team formula for success is a simple one, but implementing it requires dedication from both Amherst Pierpont professionals and our credit union partners. It is best summed up as:

Customization + Personalization = Optimization

Our partners are forward-looking credit union professionals who have agreed to make a significant investment of their time and expertise toward fulfilling a mutual goal. Amherst Pierpont, in turn, invests the time and expertise needed to acquire a profound understanding of the unique investment needs of the credit union partner. To this, we bring our keen understanding of the financial markets and overall knowledge of the credit union industry.

Credit union officials must continually improve and expand their products and services to members, adopt new technologies, and endeavor to anticipate economic trends that will affect a credit union’s performance. The Amherst Pierpont Credit Union Team is similarly dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our own field. We understand the growing importance of a well-positioned, responsive portfolio.

We provide our credit union partners with a customized program designed to position the credit union’s portfolio for the best possible performance. We make our services concise and comprehensible.

Clear, Timely Updates and Reports

We update our partners on National Credit Union Administration and appropriate agency rules and regulations and/or changes in order to keep them informed of new developments. We provide insight as to how these changes may affect a portfolio’s structure and expectations, both short-term and long-term, and offer solutions.

In addition to the month-end accounting package, each month our credit union partners receive our copyrighted Investment Executive Summary (IES) letter that provides board members and the management team critical information about the investment portfolio’s performance.

Partner Education and Training

Optimal performance of a credit union’s portfolio requires a confluence of diverse skills: An in-depth knowledge of the current institutional market environment; up-to-the-minute understanding of pertinent rules and regulations; and expertise with analytical software tools and strategic planning and project management skills. Rarely is a credit union fortunate enough to find all of this ongoing subject matter expertise among its board and staff. That’s why focused board and committee education is crucial to supplying and maintaining the necessary material to make sound investment policy decisions. Amherst Pierpont makes it easy for our partners to stay abreast of these changing conditions by providing annual training sessions and coaching in specific areas requested by the individual credit union partner.

The Amherst Pierpont Credit Union Team takes a holistic approach to the partner relationship. We recognize that all of the diverse skills necessary for optimization are equally important, interrelated and inseparable. Our partner training and education component is a team initiative designed to supplement the skills of staff and board, enhance the skill sets of our partners and thus enable the credit union partner to make more confident, informed business decisions.

The Human Factor

Performance measures and trend information can help our credit union partners in their decision-making process. There are dangers to over-reliance on data, and pure analysis is no substitute for experience and intuition.

Amherst Pierpont’s seasoned professionals combine data analysis with experience and intuition. We have spent our careers in the financial services industry and we understand the fixed income markets, just as our credit union partners understand the credit union landscape. We believe success is found with the proper balance of analysis, experience and passion for one’s craft.

Partner Education & Training

Setting policy and making investment decisions requires a degree of confidence that comes with knowledge and trust. We believe regular, concentrated educational sessions for board members and the management committee is a crucial component in gaining the knowledge to make informed decisions.

The Amherst Pierpont Credit Union Group’s Education and Training service is our way of supplementing the skills of our partner’s staff and board. It’s our effort to enhance the knowledge base of our partners, and thus enable them to make informed business decisions.

The Amherst Pierpont Credit Union Team provides all new credit union partners with an introductory training and education session free of charge.

To keep our credit union partners up-to-date on current market conditions, product performance and new trends, we share the cost of travel, lodging and per diem for annual training sessions. This fee may be waived if certain conditions are met.

Our educational sessions benefit both the credit union management and board of directors. Our presentations are professional, informative and custom designed to the particular needs of the client. We clarify and condense complex subject matter into a comprehensible format using graphs, charts and illustrations via PowerPoint™ slideshows. There is always ample time given to discussion and answering questions. Additionally, a few of our presentations are available for CPA credits.

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